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What is In The Light of Led Zeppelin and how are you any different than all the Led Zeppelin tributes?

Take the best of GTLO, JBLZE,  ZOSO, an all girl Zeppelin band, Classic Albums Live and MIX them all together. What do you get? The most original and entertaining Zeppelin experience:  In The Light of Led Zeppelin

It’s a musical journey through the best of Zeppelin classics,  to the reinvented orchestrations of Page & Plant, and the solo works of both Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. All of this performed by 6 grammy nominated men and women. It is not a tribute, by any means. You will not see this anywhere else, nor will you see any Zeppelin tribute cover this music this way. It is an experience to be felt and heard that you will want to see again and again. 

Why are you not called a tribute?

While ITLOLZ does perform the classic Zeppelin hits they also present them with enhanced instrumentations, perform 1990’s versions of Page & Plant re-inventions of Zeppelin with the Egyption orchestra, At times, revisit  the best of the solo albums of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page for example you may hear: I’m in the Mood for melody, Calling to you, Most High, Carry Fire, Wonderful One, Coverdale & Page, Black Crowes & Page

How many people are in the band?

Six in total. ITLOLZ has two men that are the Page and Plant forefront that are backed by 4 women that play bass, drums, keyboards and electric Violin.

How long is the concert?

Typically the show is 2 hours

Is the setlist always the same?

No, the setlist is not the same. ITLOLZ often will ask the fans to participate in the selections of songs before a show. 

Do you perform music from the famous MTV Unledded show "No Quarter"

Yes, they do.

Do you use specific instrumentation as Page & Plant did?

Yes, ITLOZ carries a huge backline to perform this music. It includes: 15 guitars that include the classic double neck, Les Pauls, mandolin, acoustic 6 and 12 strings, Upright bass, Electric 4 and 8 string bass, Electric violin 4, 5 & 6 six strings, 2 keyboards, 2 syths,  2 keytars and bass pedals and classic Jason Bonham drum kit with 26” kick

Why have I not heard of In The Light of Led Zeppelin?

In The light of Led Zeppelin has not been in existence for 20 years like their colleagues, but has taken the market by storm growing fast as a young band. with over 100,000 streams in 13 countries  and 75,000,000 followers giving the band 5 star reviews. It is only a matter of time

Where can I hear In The Light of Led Zeppelin?

You can stream the  album “Pompeii Sessions” on most music apps like Spotify, itunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc

Can I meet the band?

If the venue allows, ITLOLZ loves to meet and greet after their performance.

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