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In The Light of Led Zeppelin is not just a tribute, it’s an experience! Is the reaction from fans all over the world who repeatedly fill the seats and follow this extraordinary 7 member supergroup. It's the best of Zeppelin classics, to the symphonic orchestrations of Page & Plant using masterful artistry, with technical note placement carefully designed for the listener to feel the music and experience it as new.


A celebration to the  Led Zeppelin Legacy where young and old come together for one-of-a-kind, unique musical experience. Read the reviews from all over the world and check out   “Pompeii Sessions”  now downloaded over 300,000 copies and available on any music app. Join the more than 60,000 fans on Facebook who have stepped In the Light for a new Zeppelin Experience. 

Fan Reviews
Meet The Band
Scott Board
Vocals &
Antonio Bolet
Mandolin, & Vocals
Autumn Martini
Bass & Acoustic Guitar
Linda Ann Kiley
Mandolin & Vocal
Siobhán Cronin
Electric Violin
Rage Paige Cantril
Drums &
Paddy King
Electric Cello, Violin & Banjo
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