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Bass & Acoustic Guitar

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"It’s Inspiring! Ground Breaking! I am living the dream” Autumn Martini explains: "When I got the call to audition for a Led Zeppelin tribute I had to ask “Why would you want a woman?” - the answer surprised me, they asked ...”Can you play?” I can, I did and I won the audition."  That was five years ago, and today the band comprises of four women and two men. You would think that was the plan all along but I assure you it wasn’t. To us, music has no gender. If it did, you would be able to tell by the sound of a note that a man or woman had played it. So we threw away the traditional cliche' of 4 four men being sincere on stage as with a typical Led Zeppelin tribute, and instead auditioned for skilled musicians with the best heart, soul and feel for the music. Four women earned the spot for being the best of the best as the backup players to our Page & Plant. We are blessed to be able to passionately recreate and reimagine the works of our mentors to bring audiences In The Light of Led Zeppelin.

Credits include Paradise Alley - Early 1990's played the circuit NYC, New Jersey, Long Island...

First bass player for (Female Band) Antigone Rising - Lava Records

Recorded - She's Gone a Little Mad 1995 , NYC

Band (Original, rock and alternative)

Recorded: Eclyptic Playground - 1998, Walking on Water -  2001, Three is a Charm - 2001, 3 solo Albums with Paul Anthony Martini: By the Light of the Silvery Moon 2009

Lost and Found 2012, Twisted in the Fold 2011

 Endorsed by Spector Basses and Mesa Boogie. 


Autumn Martini

Autumn Martini

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