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Bolet “Pagey”

Music Director

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Long before he gained the respect and admiration of his peers and fans, the hundreds of live performances and studio recording / producing sessions and two Grammy nominations, Antonio began classical training on piano until his early teen years. When he picked up the guitar at age 8 to transpose his piano assignments, he found his musical home and by age 14 he was already performing as a "Flamenco" guitarist. By age 15 he took an active role in the Conservatory of Music and at age 17 was offered a full scholarship to The Juilliard School of Music and Performing Arts.  He spent the next several years performing as a sessions guitarist, touring internationally and recording.  He also managed during this time to attend medical school, perform in the med school rock band, and earn his MD.  He started the first “Latin Rock” band in the 1990s which preceded the wave of Latin rock performers of that decade.  He recorded classical/flamenco guitar with two prominent recording artists which led to an opportunity to jam with one of his guitar heroes: Paco De Lucia, grandmaster of Flamenco guitar.  In 2005 he was called to play a Jimmy Page clone to tour in an established tribute band. He carefully analyzed the musical detail of the project, acquired the proper vintage equipment and custom-made costumes, and has been performing this music to enthralled crowds since then.  In 2013 he collaborated on a song with a national recording artist for an upcoming album; the song was later nominated for two Grammy awards.


 Antonio is the founder of “In The Light Of Led Zeppelin: A Tribute to Jimmy Page & Robert Plant and the magic of Led Zeppelin”.  This project has skyrocketed into the mainstream of the tribute industry, garnering international critical acclaim.  It is recognized as the only tribute to “Page & Plant”.  As musical director, Antonio’s attention to detail for music and musicality allows the members of this project to fully express their prowess on their respective instruments.


Does the surname "Bolet" Sound familiar? Antonio is nephew to Jorge Bolet (1914-1990) Legendary, Cuban-born, classical pianist his career blossomed only later in his life as the undisputed master of interpretation of Liszt and naturally passed on his technique to his nephew now a master of interpretation to the music of Led Zeppelin.



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